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What is BCM Hostel Application Form

The BCM Hostel Application Form is the document that qualifies you to access hostel facilities such as food and accommodation at your nearest designated government hostel. Under this initiative by the government of Karnataka for the Backwards Classes and Minority Department, qualified students can access facilities that would be ideally out of their financial reach.

Information Required on a BCM Hostel Application Form.

To qualify for BCM hostel accommodation and facilities, ensure you provide the following information on the form:

  • A recent passport photo with your name and address written at the back
  • Your name, gender, and address for correspondence
  • Nationality, date, place, and country of birth
  • Academic records
  • Proof of proficiency in English
  • Details of work experience
  • CV and letter of motivation

How to Fill out the BCM Hostel Application Form

The BCM Hostel Application Form is a critical document in your education journey as it can avail essential services without which your success will be arduous. The following is a simple step-by-step guide to assist you in completing the form successfully:

Step 1: Enter Your Details

Start by indicating the year you intend to begin your studies and affixing a recent photo of yours with your name and address at the back. Enter your full name starting with the family name, tick the appropriate to show your gender, provide your date, place, and country of birth alongside your nationality. Give your address for correspondence purposes, including city, state, and Zip Code. Add your telephone, fax, and email addresses. Lastly, enter your home address if it’s different from your correspondence address.

Enter your details

Step 2: Input Your Academic Qualification

Beginning with University Entrance Qualification, state the type of certificate you obtained, name and location of the institution, average grade, and date of completion. Next, provide academic records for all colleges and universities you’ve attended, as indicated below.

Input your academic qualification

Step 3: State Your Native Language and Prove Proficiency in English

The next space is where you highlight your native language. However, if it’s not English, indicate the institution, country, and duration of your English learning.

: State your native language

The second part under this step gives details of the English language test, the date of the test, and the score you attained.

Give details of your language test

Step 4: Proof German Language Proficiency

Indicate the name of the institution you learned Germany from, the length of time, hours of instruction per week, and overall grade. Next, provide documents stating your proficiency in German, the date you sat for the test, and your final score.

Indicate the name of the institution

Step 5: State Other Language Skills

In case you undertook studies or are proficient in any other languages, state them and tick the appropriate box to indicate your grasp of the language as shown below.

State other language skill

Step 6: List all Business Courses

Provide the course title, the level you reached, total hours attended and grade attained as provided in the form.

Provide the course title

Step 7: Fill out Employment/Work Experience

List your current and previous employment in chronological order and enclose the documents as evidence.

Fill out employment/work experience

Step 8: Complete Filling out the Form

The final step is to confirm the truthfulness of your statements by appending your signature and date as provided.

Complete the Filling out the form

What is the BCM Hostel Application Form Used For

The BCM Hostel Application Form is the necessary document used by students who can’t afford hostel fees to benefit from the initiative run by the government of Karnataka to offer them such facilities.

Who needs the BCM Hostel Application Form

Students from backward classes and/or minority communities are the primary beneficiaries thus need the form. The BCM hostel administrators also need the form to process applications.

Additional BCM Hostel Application Form Resources

Below are some additional resources to help you understand this form and details to include when adding your application details:

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